You need to adjust the flux capacitor…

My visits with David on Saturday were fairly short. I arrived in the morning when he was getting physical therapy. I helped the therapists sit him up and move him to the side of the bed. He’s getting much stronger moving himself up with the trapeze bar. He sat up for about 15 minutes while enjoying the view. It was a crystal-clear day outside, sunny and bright…so he loved the view. But then he started talking nonsense about what he saw out the window….and the patient monitor started beeping. He kept telling the nurse, “You need to adjust the flux capacitor.” He had coughed up part of his feeding tube, and he went in to have a procedure to fix the tube and have another swallow test.

Unfortunately, he aspirated on the swallow test, so he has to keep waiting to drink his root beer. When I came in the evening around 7:00, he was peacefully sleeping. I didn’t want to disturb him, so I left about 5 minutes later. He had a few visitors from the ward in the evening, but after about 10 minutes, he was lecturing my mom on visiting time limits. He said he likes visitors, but not for longer than a few minutes. From what I’ve noticed, he’s a bit more lucid in the mornings, and less agitated. I think as the week progresses, he’ll be requesting more visitors. He realized that there’s a phone book by his room phone, and he keeps threatening to call people. So if you get a random, raspy-voiced call from David…be prepared for some silly talk.

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