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Pilot News

Pilots, planes and aviation have been in the news a lot this year. Let’s go over the highlights: Planes that crash just short of the runway in wintry conditions Distracted pilots who overshoot their destination by 150 miles  A drunk pilot failing a breathalyzer test prior to a trans-oceanic flight from London A flight landing […]


My Memphis Valentine

A few months ago, the radio station I listen to had a contest called Lovers in Japan : tickets to see Coldplay in Tokyo on Valentines Day. Needless to say, I didn’t win the contest, but it did get the wheels spinning to do something special this year. Taylor’s February schedule gave him 2.5 days […]

In addition…

Taylor’s February reserve started today, and he immediately got called out on a 4-leg overnight trip. The lame part is that it’s to ferry a plane from Detroit to Cincy. So he deadheads to from ATL to CVG, from CVG to DTW, lays over for 4 hours at DTW and ferries the flight to CVG, […]

Pilot Wife Resources

My hubby’s plane Some of you may have noticed my badges for Pilot Wives Club on my sidebar, as well as me being the featured wife of the month for January. I wanted to give you a list of some of my other favorite aviation and pilot wife/gf/so websites and groups for those who are […]

A pilot widow week

This morning Taylor left for Memphis for CAT-II training. He’ll overnight there, and then fly up to Montreal for 4 days of simulator bliss. He will be at the Bombardier Headquarters, and apparently its a pretty nice place to train. Unfortunately, that means we’re going to go 4 days without talking on the phone. I’ve […]


At the junction of the 69 and 96 – this sign was the most exciting thing I found in Lansing Saturday evening, Taylor called me from DTW. He was waiting around for his last flight of the night to Lansing. This particular flight is pretty ridiculous, only 75ish nautical miles and 23 minutes away. He […]

From one pilot family to another…

Last night I was bumming around looking at blogs, and I found out about a couple that were severley burned in a plane crash. Stephanie Nielson, was burned over 80% of her body and her husband, Christian, over 30%. There were just 3 people on board and the pilot was killed in the accident. This […]

Crazy July Schedule

Taylor left on another 4-day trip today. I feel like I’ve hardly seen him the past month. 4-day trip, then Cali for 3 days, then 4-day trip, then to SLC (together) for 3 days for the funeral, then 4-day trip, and three days off (which I worked 2). Once he gets back from this trip, […]

Pilot Wife Resorces

Support Groups (for when the pilot is away) Pilot Wives Club Jet Girls Wives and Girlfriends of Pilots Facebook Group Pilot Wife (and girlfriend) Blogs http://partnerofapilot.wordpress.com/ – Partner of a Pilot http://ohthelifeofapilotswife.blogspot.com – Oh the Life of a Pilot’s Wife http://se-impressions.blogspot.com/ – SE Impressions http://aviationfamilyinak.blogspot.com/ – Musings of a Pilot’s Wife http://imapilotswife.blogspot.com/ – Musings of […]