A pilot widow week

This morning Taylor left for Memphis for CAT-II training. He’ll overnight there, and then fly up to Montreal for 4 days of simulator bliss. He will be at the Bombardier Headquarters, and apparently its a pretty nice place to train. Unfortunately, that means we’re going to go 4 days without talking on the phone. I’ve briefly blogged about it before, but Taylor is very anti-surcharge when it comes to our phones. It took two years before he agreed that it was worth the $5/month to add texting to his phone. He knows it would only be $5/month to be able to call from Canada, but since he flies there infrequently, he doesn’t want to sign up for a month, just to cancel. It’s 35 cents per text, so we’ll text if it’s an “emergency.” We’re going to rely on webcams and instant messaging to communicate for the next few days. It means we’ll only get to chat at night, but better than nothing!

Once he’s done in Montreal, he flies back to Atlanta Monday afternoon. He hopes to take care of his SIDA badge and get his parking pass Monday. He’ll fly home to Detroit sometime Tuesday, pack up his car, and “move” to Atlanta Wednesday. His first flight in his new bird is Thursday – Friday. His November schedule should be posted tomorrow, but it will likely be a month of reserve.

It was so nice to have him home for 5 days. It’s going to be a long time till he has that much time off in the same location as me for a long time.

As for the job hunt…about 20 applications in, two “thanks, but no thanks” emails, and no calls.

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