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Silly Picture of My Dad

Since I got back into Detroit, there haven’t been a lot of updates to post. I’ve notices a bunch of hits on my blog sitemeter that have only lasted a few seconds…Sorry to disappoint if I don’t post something on him everyday. It’s a good sign if there’s nothing to report…no news is good news! […]

A Brighter Outlook

This morning, David was in surgery for just under 3 hours for a revision of his amputation. They assessed the remaining tissue and removed the damage, adjusted the bone, and sealed up the stump. Dr Goodman said that it went as well as could be expected. He’s now back in his room on the 11th […]

Without a trach…

This morning I went to visit David for a few hours. He was in good spirits, but still complaining about being stuck in the hospital and wanting to sneak out. The trauma team was there on their rounds, removed his trach and bandaged the stoma. He’s able to talk a little more easily, but it’s […]

Getting Better All The Time

I could not believe the progress my dad has made since the last time I saw him. His body isn’t swollen and bloated, there are less tubes coming out of him, he is able to force-talk through the trach, and he’s done with the ventilator. Unfortunately, this morning he pulled out the NG feeding tube […]