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Diagnosis Confirmed

Disclaimer: I am not a hypochondriac. I am an informed employee in a health-related profession. Have you ever had something wrong with your health, which you absolutely knew, but your doctor wouldn’t take the time to listen to all of your symptoms? And you saw multiple doctors over an extended length of time, which never […]

Better Than This

This morning I got an email from Facebook’s Compare People application, where you have a superlative description (most beautiful, most insane, etc) and photos of two people to vote on. Since I added the app, my “rankings” compared to my other Facebook friends have stayed pretty firm. But after reading today’s email, it appears I’ve […]

Nicole’s state of the self 2007

Current mood: determined I just walked back in the house from saying goodbye to Taylor. He is leaving for 3-5 weeks for Sheble’s Flight School in Kingman, AZ. This weekend has been hard, knowing that we’re about to embark on the longest seperation that we’ve had so far in our marriage. He was gone for […]