My First Week At IHC

Yay! It’s Friday, and the ending of my first week of training at IHC. And I’m enjoying it very much. My trainer, Rachel is so awesome. We get along great and I’m learning fast. My other co-workers are great too.

What I do in my job is take care of physician billing patient accounts that are between 30 days from the date of service and 120 days past due. I accept payments, keep in touch with insurance companies, set up payment plans, assist in the charity program, and in the end, send delinquent accounts to collections. My “alpha” is patients from MEF-RE, so if you’re in that group I can look at your accounts if the need arises. The dress code is business casual, and on payday (today) it’s a jeans day if you donate to the “cause” that is set up. Today it is taking in baby supplies for the women’s shelter, so I’m getting rid of all the baby food that Rosie never ate. Next week is a free jeans week too.

Hello Dolly is so fun so far. I’m getting to know the cast a lot faster than I did in Joseph. Last night we went to Village Inn, and I didn’t get home until midnight. And I’m very tired today. But we drove our server crazy. We kept asking for bowls of lemon slices and would take turns eating them and seeing if you could do it without puckering. I couldn’t do it. Sometime soon we’re going to have a movie night at my house and eat Ben and Jerrys! I haven’t had fattening ice cream like that forever! MMMMMMM!

Well, time to get out the door for work. Bye!
Nicole 6:54 AM

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