Memilies (Memes from Emily’s LJ)

List your six current favorite songs
Do you have any idea how impossible this is for me? Maybe my favorite six dozen songs….
1. Maybe I’m Amazed…Paul McCartney
2. One…U2
3. Posession…Sarah McLachlan
4. Something…The Beatles
5. In Your Eyes…Peter Gabriel
6. Hands to Heaven…Breathe

Honorable Mentions:
Hand Me Down (Matchbox twenty)
She (Elvis Costello)
Push, Angel, Answer(Sarah McLachlan…my fave female vocalist)
Hella Good, Don’t Speak (No Doubt)
Walk On, Miracle Drug, City Of Blinding Lights, With or Without You (U2…favorite group)
You Wear Flowers (Peter Breinholt)
Daughters, Not Myself, Love Song for No One (John Mayer…current favorite male vocalist)
Fields of Gold, Desert Rose (Sting)
(You’ve Got It) The Right Stuff (NKOTB….seriously)
Dream Big (Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band)
Somewhere Only We Know (Keane)

I must also add that the new Coldplay album, X&Y is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!

The Film Meme
1. How many DVDs/Videos do you Own? Before Taylor…about 60/70. After Taylor…about 150/120.
2. What is the last DVD you bought? The Incredibles…I think. No, it’s probably the Saved By the Bell season 1-2 box set that I got for my b-day. Hmmm…it’s been a while since I’ve bought any DVDs.
3. Five Movies that Mean a lot to you….
UHF…Wierd Al, must I say more?
Better off Dead…The movie Taylor and I quote Everyday
West Side Story…Great music, great dancing, oh so many Jr High Memories
Short Circuit…the movie that was seen in the Watson household in the 80’s more than any other
Legally Blonde…I don’t know why, but I laugh uncontrollably each time I see it.

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