So stinking hot!

This week has been a scorcher! I only have so much tolerance for heat, and I feel like I’m at my wit’s end. It’s hot at home, hot in the car, hot at work….I never seem to feel like I’m at a comfortable temperature. I should be doing homework, packing, cleaning, or anything more productive….but I’m just chilling on my couch in the family room (with the best air conditioner in the house.) I haven’t blogged all week, so I’m going to get caught up.

I had my annual review at work. It went pretty well, except I got a needs improvement in adherence to company policies (i.e. internet, email and cell phone use). I’ve gotta cut down…but it’s so hard! Today was the first day that I didn’t send a text for an entire workday. It was terribly difficult. What else was said? That’s confidential!

Tomorrow I’m heading off to St. George for the Labor Day weekend. I had planned to drive up to SLC, but decided the drive was too long to be the only driver. I told my parents I wasn’t going to come…then they called me and asked if we could meet halfway. Unfortunately, it’s going to be hot there too. But I’ll have a swimming pool at the hotel, and I’ll be with family, so I’ll be fine. I hope to grab some Cafe Rio and Nielsen’s Frozen Custard. I’m toting home as many bags of Dill Pickle Lays that I can find (my coworkers are obsessed!) If you want your chip fix, let me know how many you want.

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