Really quick

I’m not sick anymore. I’m happy about that. Z-Pak, popcicles, and a day off work helped me recover from tonsillitis and an ear infection.

Halloween was full of lots of candy. And Rosie was a major flirt.

Right now I’m blogging from Canton, MI. I was lucky enough to get a seat on a totally booked flight from LAX yesterday. Sure, I missed the first flight at 5:00 PM (which consequently had 3 seats left, but I didn’t get on the flight due to a broken printer…WTF??) but I did make it on the 10:00 PM flight. It was just over four hours in a cold cabin between two snoring businessmen. I arrived at 5:00 AM, Taylor picked me up, and I crashed on the couch at Mike and Erin’s about 6:00 AM. After 3 hours of sleep, we had breakfast, played with adorable 2-year-old William, then headed out. We had lunch at Panera Bread (mmmmmm) then drove to Ann Arbor. I’ve been looking into jobs there at the University of Michigan. But after driving out there (20 miles on the freeway = 35 min with very little traffic) and going through crowded one-lane streets through Studentville USA, I decided I should be looking at other locations than just UM. It’s a cool town. I’m sure that if we move out here, I’ll go out and enjoy it. We probably won’t venture into Detroit proper on this trip, but it’s been interesting to get a taste of the area.

Oh, and we saw “Dan in Real Life.” It’s great…I recommend it.

p.s. Taylor’s still not done with O.E. He’s nervous…he has an appointment with a higher-up in Pinnacle’s training department on Monday. Hopefully it won’t be a pink slip…..

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