Absolutely wonderful news!

While at John and April’s reception, I got a call from my mom with the happiest news of the week…David was breating on his own! He had been breathing without the ventilator for 5 hours…which just shocked the nurses and doctors. The previous day, we were told he could be on the vent for up to 2 more weeks. The trach is partially responsible, as there is less obstruction and makes it easier to breathe. The respiratory therapists said they will continue to keep a close eye on his breathing, and may need to reconnect the vent over the next few days if any issues come up. This a huge step in his recovery!

Unfortunately, his leg isn’t doing so well. Despite the surgery on Thursday, he continues to experience more muscle death. The enzymes from the dying/dead muscle are very hard on the kidneys…we don’t want his kidneys shutting down from this. There’s a fairly strong chance he will need his leg amputated from the knee-down this week. We are praying that his leg will recover, but I personally feel that amputation isn’t as scary and dramatic as everyone thinks. It will speed up his whole-body recovery by several months, it will make physical therapy much more effective, he won’t have life-long chronic pain issues, and prosthetics are so amazing now that he’ll be up on his feet/foot in half the time. We should have some answers on this by Tuesday or Wednesday.

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