Road Trip Complete!

After 1750 miles (in addition to the 670 from LA to SLC), I am finally “chillin” in Michigan…both literally and figuratively. Actually, the weather has warmed up a bit, so it’s a balmy 31 right now. Our apartment won’t be ready until January 18, so we are basking in the generosity of the Pearce family from our new ward. We looked for deals on extended stay motels, temporary rentals on Craigslist, and options with people we barely know in far-off corners of the Detroit-Metro area. After a few weeks of looking, nothing was panning out. Last week I got in touch with my new RS president, who helped set us up with a family in our ward that could host us for two weeks. They are totally generous and lovely, and living in their house feels like I’m playing “house” as a child again. The beds are more comfortable than I’ve ever owned, the theater room rivals any one I’ve ever visited, the three fridges are stocked with goodies from Costco, and the house is just amazing. It’ll be hard to move back into our painted-cinder-block-wall apartment in two weeks.

Today I’ll be attending church in the Plymouth Ward, and this evening I’ll pick Taylor up from the airport for his next 3 days off. Rosie will be signed up for school tomorrow, and we’ll find a bank account to open (with access in CA, UT, and MI…none of which BofA, Wamu, or Wells Fargo can offer) I’m signed up for intermediate algebra, statistics, quantitative reasoning and writing…and will order my books this week and start with coursework.

It’s been so nice to have a couple weeks off. I’m glad the roadtrip is over…and Michigan is ending up to be nicer than other peoples’ predictions. There’s my update.

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