Rosie’s Star Student of the Week!

One of the fun things about being a parent is having your child be Star Student of the Week! We had to write a letter to send to school about what we think is special about Rosie. Here it is…

Our Daughter Rosie,
We have always been happy to have Rosie be our daughter. She has always been a joyful child, with a smile on her face and willing to be a friend. She is so diverse, taking after her mother. She loves art, music, and foreign food. How many children say they love sushi, Thai, Indian, Mexican, and Mediterranean food? She even eats all her fruits and vegetables!

Rosie is resilient. She has had an exceptionally hard life to deal with the past two months; packing up and leaving all her friends, family, and classmates; driving cross-country 2,200 miles to Michigan; and having her Grandpa in Utah be in a serious car accident a week after we arrived in Canton. She made sure that Grandpa had plenty of cards and pictures to take to the hospital and rehab center. She has become a world-class traveler. She knows all the things she needs to pack, and what she has to take out for security. She loves having her daddy be a pilot!

I am a lucky mom to have Rosie be my child. Not only is she a wonderful daughther, she is my good friend too.

Love ,

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