Scenes from Rehab

At the request of many of my blog readers, here are some updated pictures of my dad’s recovery. You can read specifically about his progress at

Thanks to Grandma Joyce, here are a bunch of pictures from the past two weeks, both at IMC and Aspen Ridge rehab. Yesterday, he met with the prosthetist to start some of the initial fittings for his C-Leg. He has physical and occupational therapy everyday. He is able to eat just about anything, but his stomach shrunk so much from the feeding tube that he barely has an appetite. He has been working on an assisted slide transfer into the wheelchair, instead of the 6-step transfer that wore him out. He typically has his appointments in the morning, takes a nap after lunch, and then most of the visitors come in the evening.

With Grandma, Mary, and Jacob.

On the way to PT.

David and some of his coworkers from the A/V Department

With sister Laurie from Portland and Barbara

David’s mom has been an amazing caregiver!

Rosie and I are so happy to visit David in such great shape!
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