What you Crave…White Castle

In Michigan and other parts of the eastern US, White Castle Burger has a cult following. Their tagline is ‘What you Crave.’ Their square burgers are about 2×2 inches, and come packaged in these cute cardboard boxes.

Coming from California, I have to say that White Castle doesn’t lay a finger on how good a Double-Double from In-n-Out is. But it’s still fun to get a taste of the local fare. The closest location is on Ford Road, in a dual White Castle/Church’s Chicken building right next to the I-275 freeway.

I’m partial to the chicken supreme sandwich, which has a tasty chicken patty, cheese, and bacon. The prices on the menu can’t be beat…the original White Castle Burger is only 53 cents!

When Jacob was in town, we ate at White Castle twice. He and Rosie had fun stacking up the burger boxes into makeshift castles.

I’m particularly happy eating at White Castle occasionally because their burgers are between 3-7 Weight Watchers points each, so I can feel justified in eating 2-3 if I’m really hungry.

White Castle may never be a west coast phenomenon, but for Jacob, it’s what he craves…

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