I’ve been tagged!

I was tagged on this weeks ago, but better late than never!

1. The baby factor -I have approximately 23 friends that are pregnant right now, and 7 friends had at a baby within the last month. Do I feel a little left out? Yes, a little. Am I glad that I only have the responsibility of one? Absolutely! I was one of the first people I knew out of high school to have a baby, and didn’t feel ready at the time. Yes, Taylor and I talk about it. and don’t feel like the family is complete. I’ll wait to have a baby when I darn well please! But please stop asking if my recently increased gut is a pregnancy belly. It’s the result of a grapefruit sized ovarian cyst.

2. Soft foods – Since I had all the dental work done in December, I’ve been suffering from frequent tooth pain. I have sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweet to an extent I’d never experienced. On my left side, I’d totally given up on crispy, crunch, hard, and tough foods. I had three crowns put in on that side, and the angle of the bite doesn’t feel quite right. Many of my eating decisions are based on how painful it that food would be to eat. I’ve been favoring the right side, but in the last three weeks I’ve been having a lot of jaw pain, and shooting nerve pain up into my eyes. I’ve got a dentist appointment next week to get it checked out.

3. Not private – I’ll admit it, I’m not a private person. I guess that’s why I blog. I very loosely hide any secrets about myself, and once the word is out…I blurt everything out without thinking. I also work in the medical field, exposed to all sorts of gross diagnoses and diseases. I think it’s all fascinating, and blurt out details that would easily turn your stomach. Sorry…I try to hold back.

4. Necklines – I think I have a weird neckline. Shirts never really seem to fit me right. I usually wear boring crew and scoop neck shirts, because the boat, sweetheart, and square necks show WAY too much. And the V-necks…let’s just say that that what shows is better than it used to be. Thank goodness for ModBe, Shades, and Downeast basics for covering the skin that always unintentionally peeks out.

5. Tea Fan – I became a huge fan of herbal tea when I moved to Michigan. It began at a Fairfield Inn in Kearney, Nebraska. It was bitterly cold, I don’t drink coffee, and I didn’t want to take in all the calories of hot chocolate. I took a few complimentary bags of Tazo’s Wild Sweet Orange, and I was hooked. Currently, Stash’s Licorice Spice is my favorite.

6. Michigan Drivers – I swear, I’m taking my life into my own hands when I drive in Michigan. There are ridiculously large potholes that never get filled, people try to drive 10 over the speed limit, regardless of the weather. Instead of right turn lanes, they opt for the “swerve” lane. Everyone has their idea of which country route is faster than the freeway, and every one I try disappoints me. Car insurance is more expensive than California here. And American vehicles are king…hands down.

7. Commercial Pilot? – It bugs me like crazy when I tell people that my husband is a pilot, and they follow up with, “Oh, a commercial pilot?” Oh, if they only knew the hellacious training he’s endured, and the commercial license was way before the ATP test, type rating, physicals, sim sessions, airline training, etc. We’ll be dirt poor for years because he’s chosen this “professional” profession. He’s worked his way up, and he’s an AIRLINE pilot. Sure, it’s for a regional with a questionable reputation, but he’s got the black suit with the three gold stripes, and his white shirts with the sexy epaulettes. He’s more than just a commercial pilot to me.

And who am I tagging? Anyone who hasn’t filled out this silly meme since yet. TAG!

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