My first trip to a Michigan ER…

Sunday morning I woke up in crazy amounts of pain in my left shoulder, chest, and neck. I couldn’t reposition myself in bed where I wasn’t in pain. I had light pain in my lower abdomen, but it was the chest pain that was agonizing. Knowing the warning signs of AMI (acute myocardial infaction aka heart attack) Taylor rushed me over to St. Mary’s in Livonia.

After two EKG’s, an IV, shots of dilaudid and toradol, two chest X-rays, an ultrasound, and five hours…I was diagnosed with an 8-cm hemorrhagic ovarian cyst that had ruptured. Apparently the fluid from the cyst was irritating some nerves that go into my upper body, which is called referred pain. Unfortunately, all of the pressure from the ultrasound made the actual ovary hurt even more, with more fluid leakage. I’ve been on vicodin and bedrest since I got home. I hope to feel well enough to go to work tomorrow, but for now I’m laying in bed. I’ve got a follow-up appointment with my primary care doctor this afternoon…hopefully I can muster up the energy to shower before then.

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