A little cost comparison

I typically fill up my 16 gallon gas tank every two weeks. My commute is 19 miles each way, and my Camry averages around 27 miles per gallon. Here’s a comparison of my last few fill-ups:

4/16 $3.48/gal = $55.19 (15.8 gal)
5/1 $3.59/gal = $56.88 (15.8 gal)
5/15 $3.95/gal = $65.01 (16.4 gal)
6/2 $3.98/gal = $62.44 (15.6 gal)

I luckily timed my fill-ups well, because I missed the weekend where gas was consistently $4.08 – $4.19 per gallon. Waiting just a few extra days saved me up to $6 on one tank.

I get nostalgic thinking about the time I bought gas at the Willard Flying J in 1998 for $.79 per gallon, and I filled up my gas tank for less than $8 on my way up to Rexburg. Those were the days…

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