Today I hit 5000 unique visitors on my blog for 2008. Lately, I’ve been checking my sitemeter traffic on a daily basis. It’s been interesting to see how people find my blog through Google. Today someone searched “pilot in airplane with brown curl hair about age 20” and got me. I have people from Olmstead Falls, Duarte, Denver, Naperville, Quebec and other random cities that follow my blog pretty regularly, but I don’t know people in those cities.

I started blogging approximately 7 years ago. It was back when you had to explain to people what a “blog” was. Back then, I wrote much more openly. I probably only had 3 people a month that read the blog, and those 3 people already knew the details because they’d talked to me in person. This blog actually still exists, but I can only think of one person who would be able to track it down. I kinda miss the days where I could spill my guts without worrying that my coworkers bringing it up the next day. I have thought about going private, but then I’d miss out on the mystery of my sitemeter traffic.

Someone recently told me I should rename my blog to “Stranger than Fiction.” What do you think?

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