Back in Detroit

I just got home from SLC. I didn’t ever think I could be so relieved to be in Detroit. I think I might give up on non-revving to SLC for a while. Rosie and I got on the 7:24 am direct flight, and through the kindness of a few passengers, Rosie and I got to sit together. The GAD actually was very friendly and helpful this morning, which is a first (I’ve been to SLC 8 times since January and ALWAYS have to deal with her). In her defense, there’s a hiring freeze with the airline, and she’s been pulling 13 hour shifts (5 am to 6 pm) so I can understand her crankiness.

We did purchase some discounted ZED passes, which would have allowed us to fly standby to Atlanta on Delta in case we didn’t make the first 3 flights on NWA. I don’t think we’ll need them again, especially because we may have some upcoming changes to our “domicile” and flying to ATL on Delta would not require a ZED pass. Hopefully we can get them refunded easily.

I dropped Rosie off for the last 2 hours of school, but she still missed school picture day. I’m supposed to be using this time for napping. Time to sleep….

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