Trip to the orchard

Yesterday, Rosie’s brownie troop had a field trip to the Plymouth Orchard. They learned about how the orchard works, about different types of apples, bee pollination, and took a hayride. We also noshed on fresh donuts and glasses of amazing apple cider. Yum!

Silly pumpkin!

The girls learning about the birds and the bees (I mean, how the bees pollinate the trees)

One of the hay wagons (this is not the one they took a ride on)

They got to pick out pumpkins at the end to decorate at the next troop meeting. Rosie specifically chose the one with “warts” because she wants to make an ugly goblin.

Eating delicious apples makes me happy!

When we got home, Rosie tried on her dollar-store chic witch costume (we spent $3).
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