NOT going private…

I’ve been following many blogs of people that I’m only slightly acquainted with. Maybe we went to high school, maybe we went to a common party, maybe we commented on the same blog and I laughed so hard I had to “stalk” your blog. I’ve been amazed at the recent influx of privatizing blogs. There are blogs that I look forward to reading, even though I’m not a close friend. I’ve been sad that about 10 of the blogs I love, but probably am not close friends enough to ask for an invite, have decided to go private this week. It’s probably good that I’ll have less posts to wade through, but still…it feels like a good friend moving away and not being given a forwarding address. For those that have gone private, and I still follow your blog…I appreciate the glimpse in reality into your life.

Maybe I’m a little too liberal with the details of my life that I post. My life is an open book. I’ve done guest posts on blogs (anonymously) to talk about some of my difficult life experiences in hopes that it may help another. I don’t give out my home address or social security number. Anything my husband isn’t comfortable with, he asks me to revise and take down. I have a private blog (that only I have access to) for reposting blogs that have been too controversial or have hurt people’s feelings, or really are the private feelings of my heart or spiritual manifestations that definitely aren’t for public consumption).

I would hate to lose the camaraderie of new pilot wives that start blogs or find mine. Blogging is a great way to keep tabs on old friends and distant family members. I think I have a particularly interesting life, and am a funny enough or relatable enough to get a good following in my readership. I want to make a difference in the world in my life. Blogging may not be the avenue of building up nations or crumbling governments, but it’s my place in space to get things off my chest. I want to be your friend. I want to entertain you. And that is why my blog will never go private.

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