December Schedule

For the month of November, Taylor was on reserve in ATL. With the upgrade in pay to transfer to the ATL base, it’s become a lot more senior base. He consistently held an awesome line in DTW, but when his mockbid for December came up…it was really iffy if he’d hold a line. He hated being on reserve living in Stone Mountain, since it’s a 40 minute non-traffic drive each way (and you only get 90 minutes to report to Ops on reserve). So Tay’s on high-speeds for December with a decent number of days off. The best part is that he has most weekends off, and he has the 23rd-26th off for Christmas. We’ll be celebrating in California this year. Palm trees with multicolored lights and warm weather with the in-laws…that’s the kind of holiday I want!

I am still not sure what’s happening with my job and the move to ATL. I hope to hear from the hiring manager at Emory this week. But now that I’m being considered for two positions in the department, it may take longer to make a hiring decision. I’m hoping I’ll get the one with better pay, but they just barely started considering applicants. My notice at work in Michigan was for December 19th, but I’m really hoping to push it up to the 12th if I get an offer. I plan to do some mad traveling this month and just pull Rosie out of school for that last week before Christmas.

My grandma has successfully found a buyer for her home in Tualatin, OR, so I will be going to spend a few days with her there. I have reconnected with a few friends from Elementary and Jr High years, and hope to see a few of them on the trip….as well as visit some aunts, uncles and cousins I rarely see. After Portland, I’ll fly to SLC. I’ll have some pre-Christmas time with my family, go to a HS friend’s wedding reception, and hopefully help them move into their new home in Lehi (as long as the lease option goes through this week. They still haven’t sold their home in Murray) Then around the 20th-22nd, I’ll scoot down to California.

After Cali, hopefully I’ll be starting at Emory. Taylor promised to do the packing this time, so I hope that I don’t have to be stuck in Michigan any longer. But who knows if my plans will actually work out. Here’s hoping!

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