Farewell, Mary Ruth Taylor

Today I’ll be attending the memorial service for Taylor’s grandmother, Mary Ruth Taylor. She finally succumbed after a 25 year fight with Alzheimer’s. She had been staying in a care facility in Rexburg, ID for the last year or two, so I hadn’t seen her for a while. This is his second grandparent to pass away in 2008. Taylor’s really broken up about not being able to attend the small family memorial service today, and possibly not attend the large funeral service in California in January (depending on his ability to claim bereavement days right as he gets 9 days off for moving).

I was fortunate to have 2 visits with Grandma Taylor in 2004 while still somewhat lucid. She was a sharp wit and loved to entertain. She immediately fell in love with Rosie, and loved to dote on her. We had our wedding open house at her home when Taylor and I got married. Through all of Taylor’s tumultuous growing-up years, his grandparents raised him as a son. It tore him up when they sold their home on Edgecomb in Covina, CA because he called it “the only solid place in his childhood.” We will miss you, Grandma!

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