Honest Mistakes

On Thursday night, I was Facebooking to my heart’s content, and got a message to from my visiting teacher to view a video of her cute kids. I clicked on the link. I’d been updating other media players that night, so when the pop-up for Flash player update came on, I clicked it without thinking. I looked at the actual page and realized that YouTube was spelled YuoTube. I immediately realized what I was happening, and tried to stop it. But it was to no avail…my laptop was invaded with the Facebook virus. It turned my laptop into a zombie. I was horrified.

My sweet husband decided to come back to Michigan for a day and a half to see if he could recover my files, wipe the hard drive, start from scratch and reinstall programs. . To thank him for coming, I made him some peanut butter cookies…which got a little burned. While he was prepping the external hard drive for the 80GB file transfer, we decided to watch Garden State. I grabbed a bowl of water and one of my pomegranates to start shucking the arils, and realized that I sprayed purple juice all over my favorite crisp white tee shirt. I ran to my purse for my Tide-to-go pen, but it had been rubbed to death and was bone dry. I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll come out in the wash.

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