SWM. Age 23. Occupation: pilot

SWF. Age 18. Occupation: Student

Since Taylor met Clint at Jet U in March 2007, he’s been talking about how he’s wanted to set him up with my sister Mary. She was 16 at the time, and he was 21. Taylor was insistent. For months, we’ve been trying to arrange a time when all of us would be in town at once. He met her today for the first time in SLC; she’s 18 now and he’s 23. She picked him up from the airport and they hung out with the family. So far they’ve watched a movie together and he’s played the guitar and serenaded her, then all of the family went out to dinner when Rosie and I arrived. They plan to go snowboarding tomorrow, which both of them love to do. Will Taylor’s long-awaited jaunt into matchmaking be successful?
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