Oh, Kay!

It makes such a difference when you work with great people, even if only a few. My first day of work, I was strolling by Kay’s desk. She was perusing Zappos, and I sauntered in her cubicle and we began discussing our shoe preferences. (She’s a Merrell lady, while I prefer Keens). Then later in the day, I saw her on Fodors and we started talking food. She’s always on the up-n-up on artsy flicks at the State, places to eat and shop, and tasty recipes. She’s traveled all over the US and Europe, and has given me ideas for future trips.

Kay has such intelligent wit, and keeps me in stitches. We developed a great cellmate relationship – she’s right over the wall from me. We always have something to say to each other, and continually make each other laugh. We giggle and gossip. We’ve had a great time discussing conflicting issues respectfully through the election season. She was the one who arranged pro bono Utah vs Michigan football tickets for Rosie and I. She’s spent a lot of time in Utah, and understands the “Utah Mentality” that drives me crazy. We take lunch trips on the city bus downtown, most often to Silvio’s Organic Pizza. Agewise, I’m between her and her son. She’s wise with a youthful style and edge. And she’s understanding and empathetic, and has made the tough times bearable. Merci Kay, Je T’aime!

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