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A few weeks ago, I had blogged about how I was on a quest for tracking down a DVD copy of the 1983 version of Pirates of Penzance for Lizzie. I looked through Ebay, Amazon, and a host of obscure international media websites. I was able to find a copy, and purchased two ridiculously priced DVDs (I wasn’t about to complete this search without a copy for myself). It was an SVHS transfer recorded from DirecTv, but it was my best option.

Tuesday the DVDs arrived in my mailbox. I talked Erin into previewing it with me while we cut out patterns for our vintage aprons. It was a night of domestic bliss…sewing, baking, and Gilbert and Sullivan. For being a VHS transfer, it was pretty dang good. Lizzie has said that she only has her very old VHS copy that has been viewed into the ground, and endured torture from her brother who can’t stand all the giggling in “Climbing Over Rocky Mountains.” It ain’t no Blu-Ray, but it’ll do. I can’t wait to watch it with her.

Speaking of, this is an invitation to all Elegant Ladies of Leisure (or refined gentlemen who don’t mind putting their masculinity into question)…an evening at the (home) THEATER:

Friday, December 26, 2008 at 7:00 pm
Pirates of Penzance on the big screen (well, a 42” HD tv)
La Verne, CA at my in-laws
We will have tea and crumpets. Feel free to bring frou frou desserts, parasols, lace gloves and period costumes, and if you’re daring…wear pancake makeup. You can even crochet a doily at the same time.

And even if Pirates isn’t your thing, we’ll be seeing Santa Claus Conquers the Martians at the Maverick Theater on Friday, December 27th. Let me know if you want me to reserve tickets…I’m trying to get a group rate.

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