Today was a big day in my blogging career. According to my Sitemeter, I’ve had 10,000 unique visitor hits since I added it to my blog in January 2008 (I started blogging back in 2002, but have no idea how many hits happened prior to adding my meter). What does 10,000 equate to? It is roughly equivalent of the population in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Or the amount of steps one should walk to achieve improved health and fitness.

Another milestone was that I was approved to be a contributor to Modern Molly Mormon. It’s a fun and witty site about being a modern Latter-Day Saint woman, without all the cliche stuff that one thinks about as a “Molly“. All the writers have a fun “M” name, such as Married Molly, Mighty Molly, Moxie Molly, Media Molly, etc. I’ve chosen the name Mnemonic Molly (not demonic, pneumatic, or melodic like some people think I’m saying). You can see me listed here under the contributors section. My introductory post is HERE, and keep an eye on my Twitter feed for future posts. Stay tuned!

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