Breakfast of Champions

Tonight we had Chick-fil-A for dinner to use up our free sandwich coupons from the CFA calendar. I love the signage that CFA uses, and this was my favorite sign of the day: Try a Coca-Cola Zero with your Breakfast Meal. I laughed because when I DO have a breakfast meal, I typically choose Coke Zero or Dr. Pepper. I don’t drink coffee, but I do get my caffiene fix! On the way out, the sign was advertising their catering services : Good for holidays, and any day that ends in Y. (Get it? All days of the week end in Y)

Now it’s time to get off the computer and pack for my trip to Cali. I’m going straight after work. Taylor’s going to drop Rosie and I off at the MARTA train station that will take us directly into the airport terminal. We’d be cutting it close on time if we drove, and we’ll be able to get our boarding passes in a less busy corner of the airport. Now, if only I had a CLEAR pass…

  • Tripacerchick

    That is the “awesome-est” sign I have ever seen… LOL… The only thing that would make it better is if it advertised Diet Coke (I can’t stand the flavor of Coke or Coke Zero), but then it would make my doctor mad if I bought it, because, as she says, “Diet Coke is the Devil!”… LOL… She’s probably right…

  • Silvie

    Have fun in California!

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