Meeting Blogger Friends: Brittany

This is just my lucky week in meeting blogger friends! Brittany and I have been emailing for several months, as soon as she found my blog and knew I was moving to Atlanta. She lives down in Peachtree City, which isn’t the closest place to Decatur (she told me she was secretly hoping I’d move there). We’re both part of the Pilot Wives Club, and follow dozens of the same blogs. We both have the same stalker habit of finding a new blog, starting at the earliest post (even if it’s years in the past) and reading all the way up to the current.

She and I spent a good chunk of our lives in the Salt Lake City area. Our parents live minutes apart. We love the same restaurants. It’s like we’re long lost friends, and I’m so excited we finally met. We’ve both been through horrible “starter marriages” and love the relationships we have with our pilots. Our husbands seem to have a lot in common, and I’m sure they’ll hit it off when they meet, and spend WAY too much on XBOX Live. Her son Kaden and my Rosie hit it off great. We had dinner at Taco Mac and Kaden slid under the table to sit by Rosie. Back at the house, he was running around with his shirt off, trying to impress Rosie.

What do you think….arranged marriages for pilot children?

Rosie and Kaden hamming it up

If any of you pilot wives in the Atlanta area want to meet up sometime, Brittany and I would love to meet you. Or even if you live far away, come on in! We’re looking forward to the Pilot Wives Club meet-up in Chicago in March. And I’ll be having a birthday party the first weekend of February (as long as Taylor’s schedule permits) that you’re invited to attend. Email me for details.

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