My Favorite Aviation Commercial

When I lived in Utah, I spend four years in the semi-professional womens’ choir, Viva Voce. When I was in the choir, I sang one of my favorite pieces of choral music of all time: Adiemus from Songs of Sanctuary. I had heard it years before on this Delta Airlines Commercial, and was excited to learn it. This was before I even knew Taylor, let alone him starting his aviation career. I randomly found it on YouTube today. Pardon my French, but I actually understand what they’re saying.

  • David Watson

    Glad you made it home safe. So glad you came. Mom gets the last bit of sex cake. She had to fight Shawn off for it. Mom had a wonderful birthday celebration because you made the long trip here.

  • partnerofapilot

    I think you should post a video of you singing it for us!

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