Settling In

We’ve had possession of our condo for a week now, and I thought I’d post a few pictures of our new home. Our moving truck still won’t be here for another week, so we have no beds, dishes, furniture, etc. We’ve been staying at Clint’s house in Stone Mountain, but last night we bought some air mattresses and hunkered down in our empty place. And now the virtual tour!

Rosie is leading us down the stairs to the back of the building where our unit is…

And Voila! Our new place. This is the sunroom that will function as our music/exercise room. I got a nice keyboard for Christmas to brush up on my my piano skills, and we got an elliptical machine on order to help fulfill our New Years Resolutions.

This is part of our living room and dining room. It’ll be fun to have a gas fireplace. Unfortunately, the layout of the room is a little wonky, and we don’t have anywhere to put our 15 year old partially-functioning tv (no room for an entertainment center) After much pleading, Taylor purchased a flat-screen tv that will be mounted on top of the mantle of the fireplace. Now we can watch our Yule Log DVD in style!
Here’s Rosie again in the sunroom. She’s excited about her gift from Santa this year. He delivered the bike to Georgia, so Rosie had to wait VERY patiently to get her gift.

Here’s the kitchen. It’s a bit on the small side, and there isn’t a lot of storage. Thankfully, the dining room is large enough to get some armoires and shelving to take care of what the cupboards don’t. Some trips to IKEA are in our future.

This is the Utility/Laundry room. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have my own washer and dryer again! No more laborious trips to the laundromat!

And this is the master bedroom. Rosie’s room is identical on the opposite side, except our room has a little walk-out porch. There’s adequate closet space, but I was disappointed that it didn’t have the huge walk-in closets that I mistakenly remembered from another place we viewed. We’ll make it work.

After a lot of hassle and paperwork, Rosie starts school today at her new school. So far I’m REALLY enjoying my job (Yes, it’s true…those of you coworkers who’ve found my blog) Everyone is so friendly, and I feel my skills will be much better utilized. My commute to Emory is about 20 minutes when traffic is bad. I’m currently working in a really nice office building off campus. Once we move back to campus in 6 months, I’ll be doing the park and ride. It picks up a few blocks away from home, and drops off two buildings away from the health sciences building.

Taylor flies off to Michigan for one last time this morning. He’ll be packing the rest of our belongings into boxes, cleaning, and disassembling furniture today. Tomorrow morning he’ll load up the moving truck, turn in the keys, and fly back to Georgia for good.

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