A little TSA change for you…

Last night when I was at ATL, heading to DFW, I noticed a slight security change that’s happened since my trip to MEM last week. Instead of keeping out my boarding pass to show once I went through the metal detector, the TSA agents told me to put away my boarding pass. You now only have to show your boarding pass when you show your government-issued ID. The agent said, “The change was made overnight. ” Hmmm. I’m not complaining.

  • Rachel

    TSA is so goofy. CLE used to do this then they changed it back to you having to show your boarding pass. Every airport TSA is different. That’s why they get on my nerves! Why can’t they be consistent? 🙂

  • Nicole

    I found out on the way back that it’s not a change across the board…DFW still requires you to show your boarding pass. I also got lectured for walking through the security metal detector too fast, apparently. It was either that, or a TSA agent just wanted to flex her imagined authority and lecture me.

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