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Taylor’s February reserve started today, and he immediately got called out on a 4-leg overnight trip. The lame part is that it’s to ferry a plane from Detroit to Cincy. So he deadheads to from ATL to CVG, from CVG to DTW, lays over for 4 hours at DTW and ferries the flight to CVG, and deadheads back to ATL.He reports at 6:00 pm tonight, so I won’t get to see him after work today, and he doesn’t get home till after 9:00 pm for my birthday tomorrow.

This stinks.

At least he has the night of my birthday party off (where only 3 of 20 people invited are coming.)

  • Lori

    Think of it this way…at least he has a job. I know it stinks but it could be worse. And I am sure he will make it up to you at a later date.

  • Silvie

    This sucks Nicole…but have to agree with Lori…. He will make it up to you!

  • partnerofapilot

    Oh sorry honey! We’ll end up consoling one another

  • Misty

    What does “deadhead” mean? I’m trying to learn all the piloting lingo! Brett’s interview with DCA is Tuesday 🙂

  • Nicole

    Deadheading is when crew scheduling needs you in a different place, so they reserve a positive-space seat on a passenger flight. You get paid for the flight hours, but you can’t log them like you would a flight that you actually FLEW. Taylor likes them because it’s easier than jumpseating to get around, and he can play games or listen to music.

    Congrats on Brett’s interview!

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