NKOTB ticket, anyone?

A few months ago, I bought an extra ticket to the New Kids on the Block concert on March 17, 2009 in Greenville, SC. The friend I hoped would join me has decided not to go. It’s a GREAT seat…first row balcony. I’m selling it for $50. My plan is to drive to Greenville from Atlanta after work, and caffienate myself to drive back the same night (it’s about a 2 hour drive). If you’re interested, comment or email me at cuteculturechick@gmail.com .

If you’re skeptical about going, it’s worth going. I took Rosie in Detroit back in October, and they put on a PHENOMENAL show (and this is coming from a girl whose been to dozens of big concerts) When they announced the next leg of their tour, Rosie begged me to take her. She’s paying for her own ticket this time (the running tally of what he’s earned is posted on my fridge). These guys can sing and dance. Seriously. I’d much rather go with a friend than Craigslist it.

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