I Blew It!

Today started out with the best of intentions. I had my favorite meal replacement bar (Oh Yeah Creamy Vanilla and Caramel) for breakfast, then worked out. Then I went to the pharmacy to pick up Rosie’s medicine, and as I waited for it to be filled I was smack dab in front of the Easter candy section. I couldn’t resist. I got Peeps, Cadbury creme eggs, and Russell Stover Strawberry creme eggs. Then as we were shopping later, a grilled cheese sandwich was calling my name. I indulged. And we stopped at the German bakery so Rosie could get a cookie…and I got one too. Tonight I’m eating at Two Urban Licks for my girls night out. I guess if I’m going to blow it today, I might as well blow it in style and get dessert too.

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