Please pass the Benadryl

Allergy season is here…and I’m broken out in hives. At least the dogwood trees that are in bloom are beautiful. After five years of allergy shots in Utah, I’m a little disappointed that it’s already so bad for me. I am told that Atlanta will shortly have a green layer of pollen all over everything. Joy.

  • KC Mom

    Oh gosh girl! I’m so sorry! Maybe you should eat some chocolate too! 🙂

  • m-jed

    I’m really sorry to see your legs so bad. Its the first time I’ve seen a dermatological effect of airborne pollen. Why don’t you take a look at a liquid ioniser? This is a new advance in air purification and apart from removing allergens from the air effectively, it locks them out for good so they do not re-enter the air when you move around.

  • Lori

    Let me know when the pollen gets gone, we’re not coming till then. We don’t want to come in the heat of the summer either.

  • Lia

    Ya, my rash is on my chest, neck and face! My legs get it in the Fall. Go figure!

  • Kemi

    Those hives look TERRIBLE! I’m so sorry!

    I can’t imagine how it’s going to be worse. Is that even possible?

  • partnerofapilot

    Yiaouch! That looks soooooooo itchy! Do you get hives like that often? Poor you 🙁

    Virtual hug coming your way


  • Quixotic Healer

    I’m finally starting to admit to myself that I have allergies….

    ….but only mild ones!

    (Can’t I just keep on pretending? Don’t I have enough health problems as it is?)

  • Misty

    I grew up in the southeast and NEVER had allergy issues. Lived out west, mid-Atlantic, never any issues. Then I moved to Florida. There are times when I can’t even go outdoors without my eyes swelling shut; it is AWFUL here!

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