Snow in the South

On Sunday, Georgia was slammed with a crazy winter storm. The weekend had been particularly rainy, converting around noon into a wintry mix, into a snow flurry. The snow was at its worst just as we ran out the door to church. Church was canceled after Sacrament Meeting, as well as all meetings for the rest of the day. Rosie and I changed into our pajamas, and Taylor relaxed with us for a few hours. He was called out to the airport for a trip to CLE…but the whole airport was a wreck with delays. His flight was canceled, and he returned home. School was canceled on Monday, and a layer of snow and ice remain in some shady corners today on Tuesday.

After living through TRUE storms in Utah and Idaho, it was a bit humorous watching southerners squirm with the wintry conditions.

  • The Girls

    That is amazing!!! I cant believe you got that much snow. It almost looks like Utah 🙂

  • Rick Carpenter

    I served my mission in Alabama many years ago (MANY years ago!), and I remember getting snowed on at least twice. One time it was enough to cancel church on Sunday. You know it’s serious when Mormons cancel church!

  • Someday

    And you thought that you were moving away from the snowy weather when you moved to the south…

  • Janelle

    I lived in Virginia where it actually DOES snow every year yet they still can’t handle it. Everything either shuts down or is delayed 2 hours including school and work. After one bigger storm I thought I would be late to work with the snow traffic so I left early but I was practically the only one on the road and made it to work WAY early! Cracks me up!

  • Quixotic Healer

    Lol, this reminds me of the that Henry Cho sketch where he’s joking about when it snows in Tennessee. I guess people take it VERY seriously and go buy out the bread aisle just in case.

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