Sleepin’ Sexxxy Part II

Today my CPAP mask came in the mail, and I’ll be able to try it out tonight. Prior masks have only covered my nose…this “full face” mask covers my mouth and nose. I tried it out for about 10 minutes, and it’s really uncomfortable. Most people say they can’t stand it at first, but adapt to it once they see the benefits. I’m trying to have my happiest and excited expression on my face, but the mask pretty much covers it all. It also does a number on my hair. But if it means I finally get restful sleep after 6 years, it’ll be worth it.

Wish me luck!

  • Misty

    WAY HOT!!!! You should meet Taylor at the airport with that on!!! All kidding aside, I hope it works for you and you get some much needed SOUND sleep.

  • Kemi

    It looks like something my old headgear and some tupperware bowls begat.


    I hope it finally helps. Six years is a long, LONG time.

  • Nicole

    Night one: So tired from the night before that I slipped on the headgear around 9:30 and was quickly asleep. Dreamed about snakes in hot tubs, really bloody car crashes and toxic pyramids. Woke up around 5 with a huge indentation over my phone face, and a big blister on the bridge of my nose (the most common reason I haven’t tolerated the mask in the past). Not sure how rested I actually feel, but that’s the report.

  • KC Mom

    Be sure to keep us posted! I would love to have a good night sleep and that crazy mask just may help.

  • Jennifer

    It brings out your beautiful eyes!

  • Quixotic Healer

    Good luck! (sorry I’ve been rather absent from the internets, my huge little bro got home from Brazil yesterday)

  • Mandy

    my mom uses one and she sleeps a lot better .. but my dad is a very … how do I say this nicely??… “sensitive” sleeper and it wakes him up so my mom usually sleeps in the guest room….anyway, it really works for her!!

  • Lori

    Your right that is way sexy. I seriously hope this will get you the sleep you need.

  • Lori

    Hey Nicole,

    Try adjusting the mask to see if you can loosen it a bit without causing a leak. A very small leak is okay, but too much and the air pressure will escape the mask and not be effective for you.

    Wear the mask for two weeks straight – you should be feeling a difference by then. But just the fact you are dreaming is an excellent sign!

    Oftentimes when I put a pt on the mask for the first time and get them up to a good pressure, they will have “REM rebound” which means they will have hours and hours of that dream sleep. Due to their poor sleep previously they were REM deprived. All of this REM/dream sleep usually makes a person feel exhausted in the morning, but as you wear the mask your REM sleep will decrease and normalize.

    Good luck with it all!

  • Anonymous

    hey there, I came across your blog doing a search on CPAP masks. I just started using the machine a week ago and I’m having trouble adjusting. The first few nights, the problem was the incredible dry mouth I’d wake up with! Also the lights on the machine were blinding. Using the humidifier and draping a towel over the machine seems to help those two problems. However last night I had an issue with my mask leaking around my nose, close to my eyes (I have the same mask as you!) I kept waking up to adjust it. Finally at 2am I just took it off and was able to go to sleep. I have another mask that has two little plugs that go into your nose and the bottom part goes over your mouth. I’ll give that one a try to see if that doesn’t cause the leakage.

    I’m prepared for a week or two of adjustment, it’s just kind of annoying. Good luck you. 🙂

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