Summer Eats

This summer I have been totally hooked on popcicles! I eat 1-3 of them a day. I can’t get enough. I am partial to the Dreyer’s Creamy Coconut bar…but the Meadow Gold root beer float bar is a close second!

When neighbors say, “I’ve got zucchini coming out my ears,” I’m happy to take it off their hands.

I also love to eat fruit during the summer, but I haven’t been able to find any blueberries as good as the ones I had in Michigan last year. Hollie was kind enough to make a “I WANT FRUIT!” salad for me this week and sent me home with two containers of the leftovers. Yum!

I’ve only been twice this month, but the Cafe Rio pork barbacoa salad calls my name everytime I see a restaurant. My sister Mary is working for Cafe Rio and hooked me up with a coupon for a free Tres Leches cake. Bueno!

I LOVE Gary’s Original Caramel Corn balls, but Taylor gets mad when I even talk about buying them. Something having to do with TWO teeth requiring crowns from popcorn balls in the past. I did sneak one in on my roadtrip between Denver and Salt Lake City last month….but I eye them longingly everytime I see them at convenience stores.

  • Devri

    Love them all, but their is NO chocolate in that group! Whats wrong with ya?! Or should I say me! 😀

  • Rachel

    I'm headed to the grocery store for posicles now after reading your post!!
    I love Tres Leches too!!

  • Gabrielle Valentine

    Oh my goodness, caramel corn. And POPSICLES!!! I, too, have been craving these non-stop. Must be the heat. I've heard it could be iron deficiency though.

  • Laree

    Oh, I miss Cafe Rio!

  • Lori

    I never took a liking to popcorn balls. Now if your talking popcorn, count me in:-)

  • Joel and Carrie

    You are always doing something fun or have great ideas in store! You are so creative! I love those Dreyer's popsicles, btw, they are heavenly.

  • tammy

    I love those fruit bars and Cafe Rio!

    Here's a treat you need to try:
    a cup of frozen strawberries mixed with some Sprite in the blender. So yummy! I do the Sprite Zero and eat one every afternoon as a low calorie treat.

  • This post had some good ideas, but I’m going to email to my co-worker and see what they think.

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