Public Service Announcement: Never Sleep With a Laptop

I am guilty for spending hours in bed with my laptop. And pretty often, I fall asleep with my laptop on my bed. Usually, the computer will go into standby mode after 30 minutes of inactivity. When I woke up this morning, I was shocked to see this huge blister on my hand:

I was puzzled…where did this blister come from? It didn’t look like a spider bite.  It didn’t look like any of the crazy skin reactions I get when I’m allergic to something. It looked like a burn…but I didn’t remember burning myself.  I reached over to my laptop to update my Twitter feed with a Twitpic (of course!)

I went to my doctors’ office, and confirmed that it was indeed a 2nd 3rd degree burn. I was told to lance the fluid when the swelling got too intense, slather it often in ointment, and keep it covered. It was so oozy that I went through a box of my Band-aids at home within 2 hours. So I headed to Sam’s Club for a bulk box of Band-aids.In doing more research, I found out that burns and fires from overheated computers are quite common. Particularly from laptops in bed. High functioning processors can clock heats as high as 170 degrees F (80* C). That’s enough to cause a burn!

Moral of the story? Don’t sleep with a laptop, no matter how tempting it might be. You’ll just be burned in the morning.

  • Holy crap! That looks painful!

  • WTF? Why does the CRAZIEST stuff happen to you?

  • Only you Nicole could wake up with a burn. I’m so glad it didn’t turn into a fire. God was watching over you.

  • Hollie


  • Holy crap! When I’m working on the road and in a hotel I sleep with my laptop every night! Well I used to anyway, now I’ll set it on the floor!

  • OUCH! Good thing it was just the burn and not the fire. Be careful!!

  • Oh my god!! That’s CRAZY!!!

  • That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Ever. In my life. However, I would definitely like to be around when it pops.

  • Ah! I knew it. Years ago I went to a series of skin specialists to find out why I got these blisters. I was living in the goldfields, so it could have been any manner of bite or allergen. It was never solved, but now,15 years later, I wake up this morning with 2 of them. They felt like burns, with a slight sting like an infection. I freaked out mildly, as I still have scars from the last series of them. Mostly through a process of elimination, I convinced myself it was a burn from the hot water bottle neck. Your adventure seems to confirm it. Thanks for saving me a trip tot he doctors. I have the homeopathic treatment for burns and will go with that and the cold-and-cover combo.

  • Oh, and “Cheesboy”, if that’s the worst thing you’ve seen in your life, you have a lucky life, but you’ve really got to get out more!

  • Wow! I never thought of that. I’m going to start turning mine off at night now!

  • Shari

    This just happened to me, too! Thanks for posting pictures of it, mine looked pretty much the same. I had three other little red dots nearby it, too. It’s day 5, and I think it’s stopped filling up. I was worried it was some sort of bug bite…the pictures that come up on Google are really frightening. Yikes.

  • Wow! I always turn mine off, but it’s almost always in the bed with me when hubby is gone (which is often).

  • I started watching Netflix on my iPhone instead of using my laptop to watch shows. Much safer.

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  • Jordan

    same thing just happened to me last night i was freaked out for a bit


    i got the same thing but i was at my table eating a bagel with cream cheese jst woke up and when i was eating i felt a burn and i saw it turn to a blister but its the same as this picture

  • Castiel

    Hey! I got two of these in the past week, at first the told me it was a skin condition, but after falling asleep next to the laptop today and getting yet another on my arm I realized that it was the laptop. Were you told to release the fluid at all? It’s quite a big blister and I’m a little concerned. 

  • Anonymous

    To Castiel: I had the same thing, I just popped the blister, drained the fluid, put some antibiotic on it, and put a bandaid on it. It disappeared within a week.

  • Anonymous

    It went away within a week? It obviously wasn’t as bad as mine was. Almost 2 years later, I’ve got a significant scar (that only looks as good as it does now because it’s been injected at the dermatologist several times)

  • Jen

    I don’t think you understand how happy this picture made me. Not that I want you to be have suffered or anything, but I fell asleep with my laptop last night and woke up with red circles on my arm… soon, they blistered up really bad and looked EXACTLY like that. I was freaking out because I’m deathly afraid of spiders and everyone kept telling me it was probably a spider bite. Thank you. I love you.

  • Elijah

    lol this just happened to me I couldn’t figure it out until I read this, the only thing I did different that night was fall asleep with my laptop

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  • i get burned less now but if i am careless like today i will get burned but it doesn’t real bug me

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