Utah County I-15 Construction

Via KSL.com:

UDOT to begin massive I-15 rebuild in Utah County
March 29th, 2010 @ 9:26pm

UTAH COUNTY — Utah County commuters will soon be dealing with 24 miles of freeway road construction, from Lehi Main Street to Spanish Fork Main Street.

Drivers can be sure to expect delays: the HOV lane will be gone during the next two and a half years, and there will be some overnight closures for drivers to deal with. A total of 55 overpass bridges will be rebuilt, as will 10 freeway interchanges.

Argh…what a way to ruin my night…finding out that the next two years could be spent in freeway delays. This would be better news if I didn’t drive this stretch of road 3-6 times a week.

Since I’ve been back in Utah, I’ve put 19,000 miles on my car in 9 months. I live in Spanish Fork, which is in southern Utah County. I have some friends and family in Utah County, but the bulk of my time outside the house is spent in Salt Lake. There’s more to do, more people I associate with, better job opportunities, doctors that I loyally frequent, amazing restaurants, and lots of culture.

My family is very lucky to have such a beautiful home offered to us to live in through our recent difficult financial times. I lost my job in Atlanta last summer, we needed a place to move into quickly, and this home was ready for us within days. I would never have guessed that our “temporary place” in Spanish Fork  would have stretched out so long. But now that we’ve been here a while, we’re comfortably attached. Rosie loves her school, and I already feel like a horrible mother for sticking her in 4 schools by 3rd grade. Taylor’s commute is a bugger – between driving and flying it takes 7 hours from home to Memphis crashpad.

Our plan is to move up to SLC after I’ve been employed for a few months. I’ve just gotta get a job first. This construction announcement is just the motivation I need to finish my class and get employed!

  • I wondered why you guys lived in SF. That’s a long commute!

  • Amy

    Good luck, I would move out of Spanish Fork just to move out of Spanish Fork 🙂 All joking aside that construction is going to suck big rocks I hope you have the chance to move quickly.

  • Never in a million years did I think I’d live in Utah County, let alone Spanish Fork. I’m a city girl, and have little tolerance for sharing my neighborhood roads with a tractor. But I can’t complain about the gorgeous mountain view from my front yard, the beautiful home, or my awesome neighbors. Rosie’s happier her than I’ve seen her since California. I didn’t expect it to be so difficult to find work (I’ve applied for over 200 jobs), but it’s also been REALLY nice to have more free time. I’ve got a medical coding job lined up as soon as I finish my training class…I just need to stay home (off the freeway!), buckle down and finish so I can move to SLC!

  • Bummer. Glad you are okay (relatively speaking). Good luck!

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