Wordless Wednesday: Free At Last

jeweler cutting off wedding ring

Sometimes you have to face the fact that your wedding ring is too small...

Wedding ring too small

  • I am visiting from MMB! I am so sorry! That looks painful! You can take the ring to a jeweler and have it resized. I had to do that to mine too. You can’t even tell that it was cut off by the time they were done. I have now lost 40 lbs and have to have it downsized! What would we do without good jewelers!!!

  • Thank you for posting this my husband refuses to get his wedding band sized I am so showing him your pictures, maybe he will let me take it to a jeweler.

  • OW! My ring started giving me a rash – darn ecsema! Good thing I’m not allergic to my husband.

    Over from MMB

  • TK

    Ouch! I’m glad you didn’t loose your finger in the process! (Found you on MMB)

  • Yowwwwch! I hope you and your ring get feeling better soon. 😀

  • YIPES!!!

  • The swelling has gone down considerably, but I’ll always have a scar on my ring finger. Next time, I’ll get my ring resized before it gets too small to take off.

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