TMI Friday: My Poor Nostrils

runny nose

Between the painfully dry winter in Utah, and the nightly abuse of pressurized air from my CPAP machine…my nostrils are suffering.  Between prescription-strength steroid nasal spray, regular swipes of Neosporin on a Q-TIP, and sinus rinses…I’m doing what my doctor has ordered. Unfortunately, I’m getting bloody noses all the time. What’s really gross is waking up with a bloody nose and it bleeds into a CPAP mask. Using a humidifier doesn’t seem to make a bit of difference. Between emotional outbursts of depression and wacky winter weather, I could personally keep Kleenex in business. Good thing their website lets you send a free package of tissue to a friend (*hint hint*).

So loyal readers…what do you do to save your schnoz during the winter?

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