Wordless Wednesday: I Mustache You A Question

mustache on a stick

Do I have something on my face?

  • Looking good! You’re starting to look like a whole new person, and I of course love the mustache.

  • A whole new person, who apparently has facial hair issues. Just kidding. Thanks Davey.

  • What? No sombrero?

  • guess what!? my cousin maryanne abbott saw pics of us at the breating space retreat and emailed me asking if i know you! small world huh!?!

  • Very small world! Maryanne used to be my visiting teacher in California. It’s been funny how many connections I’ve made like this in the past few days.

  • Sombreros make me look fat.

  • Okay, there is a question…
    What is the question?

    And why do you have a paper facial hair?

    Not enough fun with the other hairy parts?


  • Okay call me silly or whatever but I laughed when I saw this! It’s just one of those days and I’m in a good mood. Thanks!

  • Lauren Jones

    Bwah ha ha!

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