Six Good Reasons To Kiss The Irish

kiss me im irishSt. Patrick’s Day is Sunday, and it’s a time that being Irish is celebrated. Although my ancestry includes a mix of Irish, English, Native American, and Scandinavian, if somebody asks me – I’ll say I’m Irish.

In November when our family went to England, we took an unexpected trip over to Dublin for a day. We couldn’t fly out of Manchester because flights were full, and the train rides and exit fees from Heathrow would have been pretty expensive. However, if we bought some ID-90 passes for Dublin, we had an almost certain shot at getting seats in business elite for our flight back to the US. So we got some tickets on Aer Lingus and enjoyed less than 15 hours in Ireland (half of which were spent asleep). We walked the streets, had some delicious Irish coddle, enjoyed little shops and did a fair amount of people-watching. Those hours in Dublin whet my desire to spend a significant time in Blea Cliath (the nickname for Dublin). Someday!
dublin collage

Last week we published this infographic at work, and it’s all about kissing the Irish. With stats like this, you can see why I’m proud to be Irish!

6 Good Reasons To Kiss The Irish [infographic]

Are you Irish? Or do you just like to pretend to be at St. Patrick’s Day? Either way, Happy St. Patrick’s Day this weekend!

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