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Weekend in New England

This weekend, Rosie and I took a celebratory trip to New England in response to my job offer. I wanted to catch a few Elipsus shows, see the Atlantic Ocean, and enjoy Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. We flew into Providence Friday, scurried around Mass and CT Saturday, and flew back to Detroit on Sunday […]

And might I add…

Only eight more days till my St. Patrick’s Day trip to Boston with Cola! I’m excited! However, I actually might find myself in the Boston area briefly on Saturday. Rosie and I are thinking about a quick trip to New England to enjoy a few Elipsus performances. We’d fly into Providence after school Friday, catch […]

Why it pays to be a fan of live music…

From the time I saw New Kids on the Block in concert in 1990, I’ve been a huge live music fan. I like the big shows…the massive, glittering production numbers that are all over the globe, to the little unknown coffeehouse troubadours. I love to support new acts, as I’ve found that the ones that […]