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Dear Government,

Dear Government,All eyes are on the Detroit Automakers request for a multi-billion dollar bailout. I realize this is a huge request, with many long-term consequences either way. However, at this moment I’m requesting another type of bailout in the Detroit region. Help my struggling family for the next month. I just paid my bills- car […]


Recently, I’ve been getting into a blog called Cheaplander that gives tips on ways to save money, living within your means, making informed purchases, and other ways to deal with this depressed Eeekonomy. Since I’ve lived in MI, I’ve been the most broke that I’ve been since being married to my husband. We started out […]

My spontaneously combusting mind

Over the last few days, I’ve had a zillion things spinning through my head. I’ve been super stressed and thinking about all the things I could blog about…but tonight is just going to be a ranty, complaining emotion blurt. Usually I blog about the good things in life, but tonight I really need to vent. […]

The Cost of Relocation

When Taylor and I decided to relocate to Michigan, we though that in addition to finally living together again, we would be saving a lot of money. This is what we’ve seen so far I started out by pricing out moving trucks and storage units. Taylor started looking for apartments. We price-shopped, and figured that […]