Astrological Musings

I’ve never been much into astrology, but at dinner last night, Gary and I were talking about it a bit. He is a Virgo. And I just busted up laughing. What’s up with me attracting Virgos? Alan’s a Virgo….Steve’s a Virgo…..Tim’s a Virgo…Dan’s a Virgo…and now Gary? I decided to do a little research on the Aquarius/Virgo relationship….. (remember, this is just for entertainment purposes!)

“On their first meeting Aquarians see Virgoans as someone who thinks like they do, in an analytical way and they find that a nice surprise. Virgoans see Aquarians in a similar way and appreciate their friendly manner. Aquarians find Virgoans have an independent nature much like their own and are easy to be friends with. Virgoans find Aquarians different to other people but sociable, someone to have an interesting time with. Neither sign has the need for an emotional relationship but this doesn’t mean there won’t be an attraction between them.

Aquarians want to be free to make friends with everyone and Virgoans need order in their lives. This combination is almost impossible but if both have planets like Venus (love), Mars (desires), the Moon (emotions) and Mercury (mentality) in other more compatible signs this match can work. If not it may be that the Aquarian feels too restricted by routine and decides to go off on their own leaving the Virgoan to sort out the mess left behind. This relationship will always be difficult but if they are prepared to work at it Aquarians can learn to be a bit more organised and Virgoans can learn that being perfect isn’t always best.”(

This partnership unites two spirits with very different approaches to life and not a lot in common. Simple understanding, let alone sympathy, may be awfully hard to find between these two. Aquarius, the ingenious idealist, the experimenter and risk-taker, and the futuristic humanitarian works in his fashion to improve life for masses of humanity — even generations he will never live to see. Virgo is fixed on providing work and service today for people who can benefit from his special talents and skills now.

What do you think? Destined for failure? If I ever get married again, it will probably be a Virgo.

(postscript 3/29/09 Taylor’s a Virgo. LOL)

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