Getting to Know You Meme

1. Name? Nicole2. Birthday? 2/5/803. Favorite color? That’s a hard one. I would say purple, electric blue, lime green, and silver.4. Shape? Definitely, definitely a STAR5. Relationship status? divorced6. Love kids? Absolutely, especially Rosie.7. Favorite car? I love my 2000 Honda Civic..I’ll drive it till death. I do really like Passats, Priuses, and CRVs.8. Keenest […]

Astrological Musings

I’ve never been much into astrology, but at dinner last night, Gary and I were talking about it a bit. He is a Virgo. And I just busted up laughing. What’s up with me attracting Virgos? Alan’s a Virgo….Steve’s a Virgo…..Tim’s a Virgo…Dan’s a Virgo…and now Gary? I decided to do a little research on […]